Pre-Party Precautions For Your Child’s Birthday

Congratulations! Your little infant, toddler, or kindergartener is one year older! It’s time to plan a party and you are going crazy deciding on the perfect theme, the costumes, the party treats and the entertainment, not to mention the location. Don’t forget, the majority of the ‘guests’ will be under 10, so there are certain precautions you must take before the actual day of the party:

No Splash!

If your house has a pool or you are planning a party near one, make sure that there are lifeguards and proper railings around it. If you don’t have them already, get them installed. You can get aluminium pool fencing which is cheaper, or glass ones which are prettier but costlier. Most children under the age of 10 cannot swim or they cannot swim well. Even if they could swim well, children tend to panic in sudden situations and they would quickly go under if not noticed, so either assign a grownup (who can swim) to keep an eye out all the time, or just put up protection all around it.

Mop Up

Kids are known for spilling things and breaking things and your house will look like a war zone by the end of the party. So don’t just stop with fencing contractors Perth; go for other protective measures as well. Put vases and other breakable objects out of the reach of children somewhere high enough that they won’t see and will be tempted to take a closer look. Also make sure that you have plenty of toilet roll, dishrags, cloths and wet wipes handy as they are bound to spill juice, food and just about anything that can make a mess on themselves, on others and on the walls and floors. Be warned.

Backups and Extras

At least one child will not understand the principles of fairness and demand that they get a present too, even if they came last in that game just played. If things turn chaotic, you can pacify everyone by giving them a round of presents, so keep extra treats and presents stashed somewhere you can reach quickly. Also remember that the children attending the party may feel bad when they see the birthday boy/girl getting all the presents so have some small presents wrapped in nice paper ready for them to open alongside your child.

Quiet Entertainment

If things get too chaotic or if the adults want some peace and quiet for themselves and nothing will keep them in one place, have something planned like a movie or magic show that will keep them in one place. If the party has been dragging on a bit you will need the rest. Remember to make the activity interesting and absorbing enough that even the most fidgety child will focus on it.