Difference Between Electrically Operated And Manually Operated Jacks

Jacks are a versatile material handling tool and an efficient tool to comfortably handle the warehouses workhorses, as it allow workers to comfortably handle the large pallets of goods within a smaller space, especially with those goods, which cannot be managed by the forklift because of its size.These are small and easy to use tool, whose efficiency seems inevitable, when it comes to moving the heavy goods from one place to another or one floor to another. Some, of the jacks for pallet if in need are even able to lift loads onto a lower shelf. Talk about the various types of pallet jacks, and then there are three types of pallet jack available in the market standard, specialized and electric. At the present time electric operated and specialized one are more in use. Thus, we will talk about these types of jacks here.

Manually operated jacks

This is a basic form of jack, I used to have two wheeled forks long and that fit beneath the pallet to lift the pallet as well as the central wheel, present backside with a pump handle. The pump handle operates the hydraulic cylinder present in the pallet and according to the need lowers and raises the forks. The tool has three arrangement points, which give it an easy movement, even in tight spaces. 

Electrically operated jacks

Function wise both manual and electric operated pallet jacks are same. The only difference between the both is it comes with an electric motor, which helps in smooth maneuvering of the unit, when operator operates it. The motor help in lowering and rising of the forks, which allow shifting of more loads than done by manually operated jacks. The operation of these jacks is also less in comparison to manually operated one.The electric jacks do the work more efficiently in the warehouse, in comparing to manually operated or specialized jacks.

Whereas, cost wise, the specialized or manually operated jacks have less value, but at the same time there is not a big difference. To know the best electric pallet jack price, one can check the rates online. Some sellers also offer great discounts on this product making it more valued for money.