Give a New Look to Your Building’s Roof!


Bower has been used in homes and buildings for centuries in order to add a shaded walkway or as a connection with pavilions or to arrange a sitting area that welcomes breeze and sun to filter through. This is an amazing addition to any home that adds to comfort and also a bonus to the resale value of the home. You can utilize any open space around your home for a bower.

Pergolas in Wollongong have been started to adapt in order to have a big variety in designs. Traditional style bowers were chosen for beauty and comfort while latest designs give more importance to protection from the harsh aspects of nature such as snow, rain and UV rays. Design of bowers will be based on the geographical location.

Apart from this, other elements also influence the design that includes the area, direction of the sun, etc. Bowers are constructed as a gazebo, an extension of the building, a veranda or open terrace that have grapevines criss-crossing an interlaced roof. When designing a bower, you will want to consider the roofing structure and shape.

Roof design of bowers will be done on the basis of the availability of direct sunlight and the geography and natural elements of the area. Gone are the days when bowers were made using brick and stone pillars. Today, advanced designs use weather proof woods such as coast redwood or western red cedar. Bower roofs can have different designs, such as simple, flat, elaborately cured, traditional roof, pitched roof, gazebo style roof and gabled roof.


A wide range of materials are used to construct the roof of a bower. Materials are chosen based on the size, style and shape of the structure. The materials that you choose for construction will affect the durability and robustness of the making. Generally, the materials used for roofing include plastic, metals, polycarbonate, fiberglass, fabric, etc. 

Painting the bower

Painting must be done on the bower to provide good protection. It not only provides color to the material but also hides some natural defects and features that may blur the real beauty of the material. Painting is good if you want your bower to be protected from moisture damage and rust. Use acrylic plains for painting as they offer best protection. For more home improvement projects, you can visit this site

Durability and robustness of bowers are dependent on the materials used for construction. Since the roofs are permanently exposed to natural elements, paint may get faded easily. So, in order to last the protection, you should follow traditional procedures such as arranging the surface that include removing old paint, utilizing sandpaper for absorption and apply preservative at the end of the paining.