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A Senior Friendly Home

If you have your parents or any elderly people living with you, or you are a senior person yourself, you have to make your home more senior friendly to avoid accidents.

Outdoors – If the senior person is a nature lover, which most of them are, make sure to get a landscape designer in Melbourne to design your outdoors? It is not a waste investing in professional help with the gardens, as outdoors with a lot of oxygen is the best place for the elders to be in. 

Clearly communicate your requirements to the landscape designer and make sure they avoid steps and higher elevations in their design. Avoid step thresholds both inside and outside the house. Set aside a quiet reading place for them outside the house. If they are gardening enthusiast, raise their flower/vegetable beds. Go to this site if you are looking for right gardening maintenance services.

Bathrooms – This is a room where senior citizens spend a lot of time in. Light up the bathroom. Elevate the toilets and install a grab bar next to it and the showers. Make sure the sinks are at a reachable height with no barrier or danger to the knees. Fix a hand held shower. Have non-skid rugs in place to prevent falls.

Bedroom – Make the bed comfortably low, attach a railing if the risk of falling off the bed is high. Keep it clear and with a lot of space. Fix a walk in closet that has shelves at a reachable height. Make sure the switches to the lights, the fan, and air conditioner are at reachable heights and are easy to switch on. Make way for a lot of natural sunlight.

Kitchen – Have at least a small space of lowered work top for them, with knee clearance. Lower the sinks in the kitchen too. Make sure everything they need are within their reach, not on the shelves that need a ladder. Completely eradicate the need for step stools. Install a dishwasher that too is at a comfortable height. Have a top loading washing machine for them so that they don’t have to bend over to load clothes. Change the handle of all drawers and cupboards to D-shaped ones.

Ensure all stairs have suitable hand rails. Avoid clutter. Keep the floor off things that they could trip on and fall. Light up the hallways with motion sensor lights outside. Always make sure they are equipped with a mobile phone or a device that would let them contact others immediately. Keep double checking the fire alarms and the carbon dioxide detectors are functioning properly. Discard throw rugs, and keep pathways free of wires and other things that would increases the risk of falls.

The Right Equipment To Make Construction and Excavation Work Easy


Any construction or excavation site needs various types of equipments and machines to make the job easy. Your business operation or projects will get suffered if you do not have the right equipment to deal with various tasks at the project sites. If you need the machines for business operations you can consider buying the item or you can opt for the hiring of the equipment needed for your particular job.

Loading and moving

Whether you want to move earth, rocks, heavy debris or load various materials such as soil, sand, gravel or broken concrete you need the loading and moving machines. Front end loader for sale in Victoria is the best option to get the different materials moved to the required areas. This equipment is suitable for various applications in the public work site or any other construction or excavation site. When you have the right loading and moving machines of your own you don’t have to depend on other hiring services to get the job done. There are loaders from different manufacturers and with different features and models available to suit any need at the work sites.

Offering great value

When your business makes a purchase of front end loader for sale you are getting great value for the money you spend on this equipment. This machine can be used in various stages of construction or demolition and moving work and can handle different type of materials found in construction or excavation sites. This machine offers great performance and can be operated in different type of spaces. They can be used for longer terms and hence you can ensure complete value for the money when you use this for your various projects.

What to consider?

To select the right machines for the construction need, you need to ensure that they are compliant with the rules and regulations and are used for a wide range of applications. The loaders should have the right lift capacity and should have the necessary power to do any heavy duty at the site. You should also consider the price of the equipment and the quality of the item you are going to purchase. Make sure that the accessories of the machine are easily available.

Finding quality equipment

You need to go for good quality equipment manufactured by well known construction equipment manufacturer. Look for manufacturers or dealers with years of experience in dealing with equipment for the construction industry. Go through the brochures to find the type of equipment you need and contact the manufacturers or visit the sales page to know more about the equipment and its availability. You can get quotes from the best manufacturers and can decide on the best one according to the capacity, power and other features.