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Terrace Gardens And Their Maintenance

Nature is the most beautiful thing in the universe and it consists of all living and non-living organisms. Greenery always gives pleasant happiness to the mind. Oxygen is generated from the trees and plants that are available all over the world. Without all this greenery lot of pollution will overtake the world and makes our life impossible. People generally use the empty space available near their home for raising plants and trees which make their home a better place to stay. But with the increasing population available space is getting reduced day by day because of which people are looking out for alternate ideas of gardening such as back gardening, bottle gardening, terrace gardening and wall gardening etc.

Terrace gardens are best suitable for apartment lifestyle and individual villas. They save the space as they are created on the terrace which is not used generally. Most of the commercial places nowadays have gardens located around them. Many luxury hotels and restaurants also prefer to have a colorful terrace garden along with fibreglass pools where their customers can spend their holiday with family and friends happily. This improves the goodwill of the location and makes it a lovable place for most of the people.

The creating terrace garden is not an easy task. It needs a lot of planning to create a garden on the terrace with all the requirements. The main requirement for setting up the terrace garden is to get the right soil for the plantation. The soil should have the right amount of nutrients which are required for the growth of the plants. The nutrients can be obtained in the soil by using compost every week. The next thing should be the selection of plants according to the soil and place that is available for the gardening. In many apartments, people prefer gardening of vegetables which can be grown naturally without the use of chemical pesticides. The commercial places generally accommodate flower gardening to provide the better atmosphere for their customers.

The terrace garden water for the plantation and daily water needs to be supplied for the plants in the garden. The commercial places like restaurants and hotels will have big pools on the terrace using high quality equipment  to entertain their customers and the water that is available in the swimming pool can be recycled and used for the plantation. In residential apartments, people can recycle the waste water that is used for bathing and cooking purpose. This reduces the consumption of water in the apartment. 

The vegetables that are grown using natural techniques in the terrace garden are very healthy and can be utilized by the residents of the place. Having more greenery on the place gives us more amount of oxygen thus reducing the amount of pollution in the surrounding environment.