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Clever Exterior Design Solution With Multiple Applications

The ideal home is safe, functional and cosy. It typically takes quite a lot of thought and hard work to get these benefits. The good news is that there are great solutions designed to help you achieve the best result without too much effort and without spending a small fortune. Check out one of them.

What It Is

Homes can benefit immensely from sandstone walls. Sandstone is a natural material which is highly resistant to all sorts of weather damage. It does not get affected by water or ultraviolet radiation. It cannot be damaged by the typical cleaning and other chemicals used in homes. This material has an elegant look as well. It comes in various shades of caramel and in different irregular patterns. Usually, the stones are cut into irregularly sized and shaped pieces. The textured surfaces which they have are simply amazing. The walls can have any thickness, length and height. There are also different construction options depending on the purpose which they will serve. Check out some of the main applications of the walls made from this special material.

Effective Use

• Landscaping – Many front and back yards come with ideal sandstone walls. Sandstone is the most popular material for creating drainage walls around houses and plants. While the wall holds the soil securely in place, all the water is drained out naturally. The walls can be used for creating plant growing areas of any shape and size.

• Fencing – If you want a thick fence which nobody can see through and which is extremely difficult to overcome, you should opt for a wall made from sandstone. It will be quite attractive in addition to providing the security which you require. You can choose the height in line with your preferences. It is perfectly possible to go for decorative fencing.

• Decorating house walls – It is possible to add sandstone to an exterior house wall during construction or later on. This will give the building an absolutely stunning look. It will also help to improve its energy-efficiency. It is possible to cover just a section of the exterior wall or a particular structure attached to it such as a chimney.

The Ideal Structure

When you decide to get a wall made from sandstone, you need to find an experienced team of builders for the job. You should get blueprints with the design and approve them in order for the work to begin. You have to ensure that you will get material of the highest quality. In general, the closer the supplier is the lower the cost will be, all other things being equal. This is also something to take into account.